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Are you looking for a certified legal translation service converting english into spanish language and viceversa, educational documents, real estate documents, commercial contracts, and legal documents of Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Spain and United States? 
Do you Need travel NOTARY PUBLIC service in California? Do you need Apostille Service?
Please let me help you!
My name is Debora Green and am local San Diegan.I graduated from one of the most prominent universities in Mexico, and San Diego, California. I have more than nine years of experience in the translation industry by delivering translation of the highest quality and working in several immigration fields. I gained an understanding about immigration laws and procedures by training at the universities, attending conferences and seminars held by the government and Bar Associations, and traveling to the different parts of the world. 
My translation services are certified and complied under the Business and Profession Code (BPC) with integrity and fair practice. As a certified notary, I am registered and bonded with the County of San Diego clerk's office which guarantees you an excellent standard of quality control, as I work strictly to their ethical and professional guidelines.
My translation services are from English into Spanish language and Spanish into English language. My prices are competitive and I have one of the fastest turnaround times in the translation industry. I utilize text books and encyclopedias and not web tools or translation tools that do not give you an original and accurate translation. I receive and transmit documents personally by mail or electronically and offer delivery anywhere in the United States and the Latin American Countries.    
TRANSLATION SERVICE of the following documents:
Medical Documents
Death Certificate, Police Reports and Records
College and University Transcripts
High School Transcripts
Public Legal Documents
Divorce Rulings and Decrees
Marriage Certificates
Birth Certificates
Legal Decrees
International Agreements
Notary Law Documents
Power of Attorney
Deed of Trust
Custody Documents
Child Support Documents
Immigration Documents
Employee Manuals
Human Resources Procedures
Government Identifications
Educational Documents 
Check the following translations ENGLISH LANGUAGE  into SPANISH LANGUAGE and Vice-Versa:
I.TRANSLATION                                                     STATE OF CALIFORNIA
                                                                                 SECRETARY OF STATE
Requested for Use in Venezuela.
Not for Use within the United States of America.
The purpose of the Apostille is to certify the authenticity of the signature of the official signing the document, the capacity in which the official signing the document has acted, and, where appropriate, the identity of the seal or stamp.
(Convention de La Haye du octobre 1961)
1.- Country: United States of America
This public document
2. - has been signed by David Butler
Solicitado para uso en Venezuela.
No es para uso dentro de los Estados Unidos de América.
El propósito de esta Apostilla es para certificar la autenticidad de la rúbrica del oficial firmando el documento, la capacidad en la que el oficial ha actuado en firma del documento, y para, la identidad del sello o estampa.
(Convención de La Haya del 5 de Octubre 1961)
1.- País: Estados Unidos de América
Este documento publico
2.- ha sido firmada por David Butler


                                                                                                                     CARTA PODER
En (1) San Diego, Estado de California, Estados unidos de América, a los (2) 16 días del mes de Julio del año 2010, ante mí, (3) Debora Green, Notary Public* debidamente autorizada para actuar en el Estado de California, Estados Unidos de América, comparecieron: los Señores John Doe, Mary Doe y Gary Doe, y manifestaron:
                                                                                         POWER OF ATTORNEY
In (1) San Diego, State of California, United States of America, on the (2) 16th days of the month of July of the year 2010, before me, (3), Debora Green, Notary Public duly commissioned in and for the State of California, United States of America, appeared: Mr. John Doe, Mary Doe, and Gary Doe, and stated:
*By law we can not translate this word in spanish language 
1.- Do you translate immigration documents and perform notary service outside United States?
 Yes, I translate any immigration document and paperwork before american and mexican authorities e.g. citizenship green cards, tax form, real estate contracts, police report, etc
EXCEPT I don not notarize any document in MEXICO or any other foreign countries.
2.- What is a Mobile or TRAVEL Notary Public of California?
A Mobile Notary is a notary who travels to the homes, offices, and hospital rooms of those asking to have a form notarized. Usually Mobile Notaries we don't have an office, we can work from home, coffee place, library..
Any Notary Public of California does not notarize documents in Mexico or any foreign country (it is against the law).
*Travel charges are separate from the notary seal.
3.- Can the Notary Public Notarize a BIRTH CERTIFICATE, DIVORCE DECREE, MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE or Photograph?
No, the Notary Public cannot notarize Birth Certificate, Divorce Decree, Marriage Certificate or Photograph. You will have to get a certified copy of the birth certificate, Divorce Decree, Marriage Certificate from the county. However, you can sign the bottom of a photograph with a statement such as "this is a photo of myself…" and the Notary can notarize your statement and signature.
4.- Can a California Notary notarize OUT-OF-STATE documents?
Yes, a California Notary Public can notarize a document from another state. The notary must use a form that complies with California legal wording. If the notarization wording on the document does not comply with California code, the notary will use a California form and attach it to your document. A Notary's commission is only valid within the state for which they are licensed, but is accepted as a legal notarization in all states.
5.- What is TRANSLATOR?
One who translates and converts in one language into another language; and expresses the sense of words in one language by equivalent words in another.
A translator may work in another country (Mexico,Canada...) as longest is citizen of that country.
I am authorized to work as a professional consultant and translator in Mexico too.
6.- What QUALIFICATIONS are required? 
It is possible to be a translator without holding any formal qualifications. Some translators develop their skills naturally through having a bilingual family background or having lived for long periods in different countries or through having studied for many years in any technical field, e.g. law, engineering, medicine..etc.
7.- As a TRANSLATOR, do you have to become member with the ATA, TA, APTA,  (American Translator Association,)...?
No. There are many important Translator Associations and these are support groups to provide translators with an effective means of protecting their interest and sharing their concerns. However, is not a requirement to become member of these associations.  
8.- What is an APOSTILLE?  
 The name of the authentication certification provided for under the Hague Convention Abolishing the Legalization of Foreign Public Documents, a multilateral treaty to which the United States is a party.
An authentication is the placing of the consular seal over the seal of a foreign authority whose seal and signature is on file with the American embassy or consulate. A consular authentication in no way attests to the authenticity of the contents of a document but merely to the seal and signature of the issuing authority.
10.- Can you TRANSLATE documents for use outside of the United States?    Be aware of other NOTARY AND TRANSLATION agencies charging as much as $150 to make the documents "certified" IN ADDITION to the translation fees! 
Yes. I if you are getting married in Mexico or need to present public legal documents (power of attorney, police report, adoption....) to a foreign government agency for any reason, the requirements for a translation's acceptance in another country may differ than from the United States (you need additional help).  Don't worry, I help you!    
All documents issued by Bilingual Notary Public Services are 100% GUARANTEED of acceptance by USCIS or any Federal, Estate or Local United States, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, and Venezuela agency. To date, I have not had one rejected, however in the unlikely event it were to happen, all measures would be taken to find a solution or refund your money.

                                                                        MY Certification is FREE of Charge!!!!

11.- What is the next and how much do you charge to translate a document?
First... Send fax or scanned copy of your original or certified copy of your legal public document.
  Second... Make payment (direct deposit) in response to instructions sent shortly after I receive your document.
     Third... Receive your notarized document by making an appointment/ or your certified translation by mail or pick it up (fees apply)!
         Fourth... For your fees click Fees/Cuotas, however, the final price will be determined based on complexity and length of the   documents. All prices are dollars.
"Gracias por sus servicios tan profesionales". Mr. Figueroa
 " Thank you for your help and good business, if I know anyone else that needs documents translated, I will be sure to give them your contact information". Mr. Demitrie
" After many days searching a Public Notary that understands french language, thank's God I found you, I am relief, thank you for your personalized service". Ms. Mc Fwenad
" Le agradezco mucho por su amabilidad y servicio". Mr. Mercado
" I was in an intro to paralegal course with you a couple of years ago and you gave me your card. I'm now in need of a notary, so I'm glad I kept it! :) . Ms. Tracy
" Thanks a bunch for everything". Mr. Montaño     
Hola Débora!
Con el gusto de saludarte nuevamente, te escribo para informarte que el día de hoy recibí mis documentos de la Secretaría de Educación de México, y afortunadamente la resolución fue favorable, y ya tengo revalidados mis estudios de Maestría en Administración de Empresas.
Nuevamente te agradezco toda tu ayuda para que este trámite llegara a su feliz término.
Por favor si vienen a Morelia no dejen de avisarme, me va a dar mucho gusto verlos nuevamente.
Un abrazo.
Myriam Samia Jury


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